This wonderfully cool bracelet is much more than just another accessory that adds to your charm. It is a little piece of modern marvel that allows you to travel any place you want to and capture pictures of your holiday trip at the touch of a button.


This wonderful gadget combines the best satellite and computer technology to keep you always up-to-date on your holiday and you will surely not get lost with the GPS on it. Called the GPS Map Shot, this powerful little accessory not only captures the perfect picture, but also adds to your clothing and sense of style.

GPS MAPSHOTS combines the notions of a global positioning system, a digital camera and a postcard. It consists of a bracelet that tourists hitch to their arm. Then its starts monitoring their movements during their vacations and even marking the places they wish to make a part of their special holiday postcard. It’s like taking digital photos but with a touch more of emotional and geographical coverage. The way technology is going this is absolutely no surprise but the style that comes with it is really cool and a difference maker.

via Gizmo Watch