SkyCat - The Age of the New Zeppelin

Not exactly a cat in either size, ability, or furriness, but the SkyCat does like to purrrrrr along

They’re not going to replace the 747, but it looks like the airships may be making a comeback.

New zeppelin technologies being put into use by companies such as SkyCat of Britain and Germany’s Zeppelin NT would bring us more robust, more dynamic airships. Airship frames made of proprietary synthetic materials, for instance, would be stronger than steel and durable enough that a leak would take hours to cause any effect. Vertical lift technologies would also enable the airships to take off and land on their own, rather than having to be tethered to docks by ropes.

SkyCat - The Age of the New Zeppelin

SkyCat has several designs in the works, from freight vessels to passenger blimps. Still, you probably won’t see an airport full of zeppelins any time soon: despite using no fuel (which gas-guzzling air carriers would love), they top out at a sluggish 100 mph and have severe weight restrictions, which means not a lot of passenger per flight.

Via SkyCat and Zeppelin NT