Medtronic develops M-POWERED car for diabetic drivers

M-Powered Car for Diabetics

It’s a new approach for managing diabetes. Just drive this car and get treated. More as a medical gadget than a vehicle, is Medtronic Diabetes’s M-POWERED car.

The M-POWERED car is a valuable gadget for diabetic drivers. It keeps them updated about their blood sugar levels from time to time to make the driving safer and enjoyable. The drivers just need to wear the glucose-monitoring system. The device transmits data via Bluetooth. The LCD display fixed near the steering shows the sugar level of drivers. Not only that, the car also insists drivers to take a halt at some restaurant and eat something when it finds drop in blood sugar levels. Medtronic Diabetes displayed the car at this year’s American Diabetes Association (ADA) annual meeting held in San Francisco.

Via Gizmowatch