Need a table in a box?


If you’re in the need for a lightweight and highly portable table that you absolutely can not get wet under any circumstances, let me introduce the SR109 Cutting Table. As you can see, the table is made entirely from cardboard except for the actual cutting surface which is covered with a laminate material.

Designed by Sruli Recht, the table can be easily disassembled and transported in its own cardboard box which even features a set of carrying straps. Best of all, when you no longer have a use for the table it can be easily recycled into a science fair backdrop, some sort of child’s fort or even a pile of discarded cardboard.

The SR109 Cardboard Cutting Table should be available from the Liborius boutique as well as online, though I can’t seem to find any pricing info.

[ SR109 Cardboard Cutting Table ]


VIA [ Inhabitat ]