Bubble Exhaust System for Your Bike

 Environmental issues are always more fun when spoken in bubble-talk

Bikes with bubble blowing machines are not new ideas–they’ve been in children’s toys for a while. But what if the bubbles were made using “green” biodegradable vegetable-based soap, and what if they were filled with seeds? Then bubbles would no longer be just a fun decoration, but a transportation tool that could help bring seeds to areas characterized by concrete (roads and bike paths). The designers at Society Creative llc. have designed a bike attachment for just this purpose called Bloom, an accessory that will help you to “pedal green” into the everywhere you go. According to the designers, “the Bloom device is meant to be a subversive and inspirational tool for our concrete jungles.”

The Bloom basically a bubble blower filled with a solution of soapy water and seeds. The advantage of attaching it to a bike is that seeds will fly from your bike all over town. We suppose it could be set up to work on cars as well, but isn’t it more virtuous to pollinate the earth and save on gas at the same time?

Via Electro Plankton