Smart People Live Longer

It pays to be smart

It seems there may be some truth in the old adage about being old and wise, for a new study has revealed that brainy people are likely to live 15 years longer than others.

Researchers at Calabria University in Italy have found that longevity is because the brains of intelligent people age more slowly – thanks to the very gene SSADH which makes them clever actually.

According to them, those with the less “smart” variant of the gene, are unlikely to live beyond 85 but those blessed with a “good” version of the same gene could expect to live up to 100 years.

The Italian team came to the conclusion after analysing a research involving 500 elderly men and women.

They asked 115 people within the sample, who fell into the 65 to 85 age group, to take cognitive tests.

Those with the less intelligent variant of the gene performed significantly worse confirming the earlier pattern. The researchers also noticed that few of those with the “bad” version lived beyond 85 while those with the “good” form were likely to live to 100.

However, lead researcher Giuseppe Passarino said that having two copies of the “bad” form did not automatically mean having a low IQ.

“There’s no doubt lifestyle such as reading, having challenging work and enriching your cultural life is far more important than having the bad variant,” said Passarino.

Robert Plomin of the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College in London, who first identified the cognitive effects of SSADH gene nearly four years ago: The findings are “significant”.
Via the Times