Winner: Complex at the Center of the Universe - Staszek Marek, Poland

Complex at the Center of the Universe by Staszek Marek, Poland

The CGSociety and NVIDIA recently announced the winners of their newest competition, NVArt: Art Space. In this ground-breaking competition, artists were invited to gaze into the far reaches of imagination and to bring together their vision of grandeur. They were challenged to create the most awe inspiring architecture and landscape, which they did in awesome measure. Winner:  Marek Staszek

Marek Staszek has been working in the industry as a 3D modeler and sculptor for about eight years. While the discipline of architecture isn’t his focus, he has created a most impressive vista and taken the first prize in this major competition. A look around his CGPortfolio reveals some extensive talent in sculpturing CG marble. His render in 3ds Max of ‘Equestrian Portrait of Louis XIV’ inspired by works of Giovanni Bernin, shows some tremendous ability.

“So many great examples of architecture can be found in the surrounding world and so many more great projects follow this theme. New technologies enable us to be more creative, give us freedom. As soon as I discovered this competition, I had many ideas that were just waiting to be created. Some things I’ve never seen before. Looking real and unbelievable at the same time. Like a dream begging to be fulfilled.

The most beautiful places that come to mind always have water, steep cliffs and tropics in common. Lush turquoise colors emphasizing positive vibes, something I’ve never seen. I wanted to achieve complete integration of future architecture with nature, complete with green parks, trees and gardens. Everything that makes us feel relaxed and calm. Architecture can give people magnificent vistas, as well as a small historical old-town feel. This might be a futuristic city growing somewhere in another galaxy on a planet similar to our own.

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