Don’t Tell Me Ya Love Me…

If there’s anything that USB can’t power, please let me know. At least this talking digital pot called the Pet Plant is only a concept. I can’t imagine one more device being hooked up to my computer, especially a pet. But wait… there is something to be said for this concept by designer Junyi Heo.

You see, here is a plant you can name, you can decide on its gender, you can love it or fight with it, in case you’re absent a human partner or animal pet, and you can feed it and even dress it up if you like, without having to send it to college. And what’s another little software program on your computer when it can collect and communicate so much information about your Pet Plant? After all, at least you want to know what its soil conditions are; suppose it’s facing burnout?

On the other hand, you would have to put up with the Pet Plant making ugly faces at you when you have made it miserable. You see, it doesn’t really talk, although maybe when developed, the Pet Plant might have a voice like the biggest nag in your life.

Take a look at what designer Junyi Heo has envisioned for the visual digital expressions of the Pet Plant….


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via Inventorspot