Fractals Shown as Grown From Dense To Delicate

When it comes to unique pieces of furniture, this is about as unique as you can get.

The Fractal Table was designed by Platform Wertel Oberfell and Matthias Bär for Materialise.MGX. It’s based on their studies of fractal growth patterns which result in treelike structures that get smaller but denser as they ‘grow’. In this case the large base of the structure makes for a good set of legs, while the complex pattern at the top provides enough support to be used as a table. But because the design does get so complex, it can only be created using a rapid prototyping machine. So don’t expect your local IKEA to be stocking them anytime soon.

And I could make some comment about this table being perfect for nerds and nerd-like activities such as playing Dungeons & Dragons, but I have to admit I think it’s pretty cool. And if thinking this table is cool makes me a nerd, then I’m just going to secretly think it’s cool, and tell everyone else I hate it.


[ Fractal Table ] VIA [Oh!Gizmo]