Steelcase created history with its treadmill desk and started a new era of exercising at work. But, just-in-case you are addicted to working on multiple-screens then JW Treadmill Desk is a perfect option for a workstation walkstation.

The all-new ergonomic console accommodates a variety of treadmills so you don’t need to stow-away your old one in garage. The work surface and monitor arms move independent of each other, utilizing an electronic mechanism that adjusts the height. You can also hook other devices like an exercise bike, stair stepper, or any other exercise mechanism to this treadmill desk. And, if you want a luxury feel to it then the desktop can be fabricated using a variety of laminates, bumper molding, and frame colors to satisfy the most demanding interior design color schemes. No word on price can be had but we will keep you updated.