DIY Helicopters 

If one has to study the DIY factor amongst us, we would all rate very high. Who doesn’t like to buy one of those Do-It-Yourself kits and feel like a great mechanic.


We have had DIY cycles, toys, and even tree houses. The Chinese decided to get a little more creative and decided they wanted to build DIY helicopters. And they really did! Flying has been our ultimate dream because of the anatomical limitations and the Wright Brothers reached that when they built the first aircraft ever. With the Chinese manufacturing and selling the first DIY helicopter, we can all fly to our glory. The helicopters look as good as a home made helicopter could and they fly at a satisfying speed. Surprisingly, the DIY helicopter costs only $3000, less than any car. Be warned, for the kit does not come with a free life insurance and you might end up knocking on heaven’s (or hell’s) door if you don’t read your ‘How To Fly’ manual which is not sold with the DIY helicopter.

Via Gizmo Watch