Rocket Recliner Takes Off

The ultimate couch potato vehicle

Not too long ago, a man had built a rocket chair out of a recliner.

The recliner was built by Bill Delcambre. The price of gas must be killing him for the looks of his “rocket chair” seems it’s just tossing $100 bills out the window. Bill first took his sweet new ride for a spin in 2002 at Reno Air Races. They were very anxious and willing to showoff their awesome Lazy Boy recliner with the massive engine on the back. The recliner looks to be very dangerous and one wrong move could cost him his life. This is something I would look at for my father as a hilarious gift, but then immediately turn away once I saw the price tag. I hope Bill and his friends are happy, they made one of the coolest devices I’ve seen and I can’t have it.

Via Gizmo Watch