Some toys are so obviously dangerous, that you’ve got to wonder what they were thinking. Following Lawn Darts and the 1950s Atomic Energy Lab toy that included actual radioactive Uranium ores, the Fire Footbag seems so clearly dangerous, that you’d better move fast if you want one before the rest of the world follows Australia’s lead and pulls them off the shelves.


The Fire Footbag is essentially a Hacky Sack style footbag made from flameproof Kevlar fibers, that you soak in kerosene, and set on fire before kicking it around. Of course kicking around kerosene soaked flaming balls can have the unexpected side effect of setting other things on fire, including feet, clothing, cars, and houses, so if I were one of those ambulance chasing lawyers, I’d be heading to the toy store so I could slip my business card into every box.


via: DVICE.com