Handicapped Helped By Voice-Controlled Wheelchair 

A new voice controlled wheelchair will allow patients who are not physically able to maneuver a joystick control and use a wheelchair. It uses voice recognition software to allow the user to speak, rather tell the chair what to do.


Using the speaker independent mode first, the speech software is trained in the use of a few words that would help the user get around. After training, it is switched over to voice input mode, and this is where all the comparison between vocal commands from the user are preformed. Also those stored in the memory are applied here.

The main thing that sets it apart from all the other systems is that it is allowed to be converted into a bed for the patient. This action can be preformed without any manual effort, only using voice commands. Some other things that set it apart from some of the other products is that it has some a fail-safe. It has a keypad control so if the vocal system fails the patient at least has some backup controls for the wheelchair. It also have an obstacle detection software, which detects objects so you don’t bump into them. But this extra stuff, besides the bed conversion, is all optional. You don’t have to get these items, but they are good features to have if you are wheelchair bound.

This system is nice, lightweight, efficient, manipulable, and very beneficial to handicapped people. If you are wheelchair bound and have trouble getting around, this is something you should seriously think of as a mode of transportation.

Via Gizmowatch