MX4 Paramotor 

 MX4 Paramotor with attached trike

There are a few things that are very important when it comes to paramotoring. Firstly, the safety a paramotor provides and secondly, the comfort.


Paramotor Performance AB’s MX4 meets these standards and are some of the best among the available in the paramotoring market. The MX4 is manufactured with aluminium, magnesium, titanium and stainless steel of the highest grade. The materials are carefully chosen for their characteristics regarding strength, weight, corrosion resistance and weld ability. The hallmarks of the MX4 are qualities like low vibration, high effect, low weight and balance at the throttle. If you are scared about that bumpy landing, you can always attach the trike undercarriage to your MX4 paramotor. Quick attachment clips that lock the cage to the trike frame help you balance when you land. The front wheel lifts first when you take off, and the back wheels touch first when you land. The whole structure weighs only 10 kilos and is a joy worth experiencing without delaying.

Via Gizmowatch