World’s First Power Assist Luggage

 Finally, a way to cart around my rock collection without getting a hernia

Live Luggage, the powered luggage pioneer has spent five years designing and developing power assisted luggage with the PA (Power Assisted) Series of suit cases. Live Luggage is internationally recognized as the creator of the world’s first power assisted suitcase. The amazing design uses revolutionary pancake/flat wheel technology and includes an Anti-Gravity handle that distributes a major part of the total weight over the powered wheels increasing efficiency and making it much more easily transportable than standard luggage.

Technology and travel meet with the first true development in luggage since the early 80’s when wheelies were invented). Live Luggage has designed and manufactured a true state-of-the art travel system that includes an intelligent torque control system which powers the wheels when the handle is tilted and is designed to power up only when help is required. The tilt switch/sensors only power the wheels at certain angles – between slopes of 15% and 35%. If you accidentally drop the case or let go, it won’t run away from you. In these instances, the case will go beyond its ‘active’ angles, so no power will be delivered to the motors.
Your PA suitcase is highly efficient when not powered. The handle system is a completely innovative concept as it balances most of the bulk of the case over the wheels, rather like a wheel barrow.
This system is called the “Anti-gravity Handle” – it is solid and tough.
The handle can be adjusted to three height levels making it as comfortable for people of all heights. This adjustment is made by lifting a simple catch in the handle grip. For air travelers, there’s an override lock (sideways movement) to ensure the handle remains in lock mode during the flight mechanically cutting the power from the battery. Of course the case can still be used without power.

Via Slippery Brick