Two Wheels Towards Petroleum Dependency Reduction

When we think of public transportation, images of crowded buses and cramped subways come to mind. And even though the public transit systems are better for the environment than everyone driving, they still produce emissions. However, a new design may change the way we look at transportation available to everyone.


The system uses a rack of aluminum framed bicycles that are docked at a solar powered station. Whenever you need a bike, you can either pay with cash or a credit card and take the bike. A radio frequency identification unit is installed on each bike so if anyone decides to keep it as a souviner, it can be tracked and returned. As an added bonus, if you need to go across town to work and then back again at the end of the day, the bikes can be returned to any available docking station.

The design came from Montreal and they plan on putting the system into use as soon as possible.

Personally, I think some of the major cities in the US could benefit from such a device as well. Any thoughts or opinions?

HatTip : Engadget

via Inventorspot