Hydrotherapy in Action


Hydro Physio is a company based in England that has developed an underwater treadmill for those exercise enthusiasts, as well as those in rehabilitation or training.

Using hydrotherapy treatment, this product combines water exercising with the benefits of using a treadmill. The water depth, treadmill speed and jet resistance are able to be programmed into this system.


Now let’s talk about exchanging one health risk for another. Let’s say they have this machine at the gym. What happens if some hairy sweaty guy is using it right before me? Am I using the same water as the hairy sweaty guy? I would hope that the water would be changed out somehow so I wouldn’t be subjected to that horror.

I’d rather have this treadmill at home, but with my luck it would get a crack in it and leak out all over my carpet.

Does anyone out there have one of these? If so, how do you like it?

Source: productdose

via Inventorspot