Nasa’s Hyperwall Display 

 23 foot by 10 foot display

NASA just unveiled its Hyperwall 2, the world’s highest resolution visualization system. What’s that mean? Well, it’s a 128-screen display that covers an entire wall, capable of rendering a quarter billion pixel graphics. It’s 23 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Yeah, it’s big and it’s awesome.

Unfortunately, they won’t be playing Crysis on it anytime soon. Instead, it’ll be used to “view, analyze, and communicate results from NASA’s high-fidelity modeling and simulation projects supporting the safety of new space exploration vehicle designs, atmospheric re-entry analysis for the space shuttle, earthquakes, climate change, global weather and black hole collisions.” OK, that sounds pretty neat and everything, but seriously, NASA: let them hook an Xbox 360 up to that thing on the off hours. It’ll be totally worth it, I swear.

Via Dvice