Spend Your Vacation In A Crane, Cargo Plane Or Bordello 

 Spend the night in this harbor crane.

Honeymoon in a bordello, holiday in a prison, vacation in a military helicopter. There is no end to the strange forms of accommodation on offer to the discerning tourist.

Every year millions of people pack their suitcases and depart for some sunny destination intent on taking a break from the stresses and strains of modern life. Most of us are happy to recharge the batteries spending a few days lounging on the beach or by the pool at a resort hotel. And then, there are those who crave variety and like nothing better than coming back home with tales of having stayed somewhere just that little bit different.

A few innovative hoteliers have stepped up to meet these modern needs. Now the discerning tourist can opt to stay in any number of unusual forms of accommodation. For example, you can chose to snuggle down in a luxury concrete pipe at the Parkhotel in Linz, Austria, or spend the night in a rescue capsule on the beach near the Dutch capital The Hague. In Finland guests can stay the night in the Katajanokka Hotel, a former prison, which boasts its own “Jailbird” restaurant.

Visitors to Hamburg, famed for its red-light district in St. Pauli, can sit back and relax in the Hotel Village, once the city’s most opulent and exclusive bordello. Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida’s Key Largo offers a very different experience: Guests have to scuba dive to the hotel, which once served as a research lab for marine biologists.

For those who like to holiday under the stars, Rotterdam’s Euromast Hotel offers two luxury suites near the top of a 100-meter TV tower.

Other “extreme hotel” ideas include a Vietnam-era cargo plane at New Zealand’s Woodlyn Park, and a holiday apartment in a crane in the Dutch city of Harlingen. It seems there is no end to the weird and wonderful locations where people can spend their vacations — and impress their friends and colleagues when they get back home.

Via SpiegelOnline