The Return of the Alpha Male

Make room! The tough guys are back

The female body has always managed to evoke emotions – from wonder to awe, to envy, desire, and even disgust. It makes you wonder: when was the last you salivated over a male body?

We mean, really salivated over a real man? A man you’d love to romance and love from the depths of your soul. Solid, dependable and drool worthy. None of that plastic virility and porn star physiques or androgynous bodies so characteristic of the nineties and the ramps.

“The man of the moment is an urchin, a wraith or an underfed runt. The guys look chicken-chested, hollow-cheeked and undernourished,” lamented The New York Times a few months ago.

The Return of the Alpha Male

But trends are changing and according to experts, the real man is back! The Alpha-male: What does he look like? In our quest for perfection and six-pack abs, we’d almost forgotten. Answers fashion designer, Manav Gangwani, “He’s strong but not big. He’s lean and not the bone-showing skinny lad. He’s got the muscles but doesn’t look pumped-up. In short he has the well-toned real physique and looks like a man any girl will be proud to fall in love with.”

According to fashion historian Lydia Kamitsis, “Inevitably, now we’re seeing a turn-around, which is not over-stately virile but which is the sort of masculine image conveyed by western youngsters today.”

Pitches in former model Rahul Dev, with his theory about body image that is not at all about muscles but about good looking muscles, “The trend world over is about a proportion between muscles and mass, that’s not just the ideal body image but also gives a definition to clothes that one wears. At the end of the day no one loves anorexic men, nor can one stand that bundle of muscles on the brink of tearing out of a shirt.”

So what is it that drives thousands of men to alter their bodies? The demands of fashion? Or the urge to emulate movie stars? Answers Rahul, “I think one leads to the other. When body-hugging T-shirts were considered the in thing, every one had those awkwardly bulging biceps.”

“Currently, lean and sleek trousers are in vogue in the male fashion scene. And this particular look cannot be carried well by models with those extremely protruding muscles. So to flaunt that fashion, they have to get that particular body type,” adds Manav.

The Return of the Alpha Male

Times, they are changing now. BananasMambo, one of Paris’ top male model agencies, is for the first time in years receiving requests for models aged between 25 and 30, “or who look as if they’re over 25.” Manager Patricia Cadiou-Diehl says “We used to get requests for 17-year-olds, which was often a headache as you have to get special permits and parental agreements. Now, over the last few months, they want boys with bodies, not adolescents.”

The Return of the Alpha Male

So, the verdict’s out. The men are back – a perfect mix of style and machismo. Girls, are you ready?

Via The Times