Drinking Has Negative Effect on Children 

Parents, beware! Guzzling alcohol at home “to escape” from depression or tension could have a negative effect on kids, irrespective of the amount of the drinks, a new study has revealed.

In their study, researchers in Philadelphia have found that children of mothers who drink are much more averse to the smell of alcohol than others, regardless of the amount of the drinks the mothers consume.

The researchers divided 145 children aged five to eight years into two groups according to whether their mothers reported using alcohol to escape from feelings of tension and depression.

The children were presented with two odours and asked to pick the one they preferred — one of the odours was always beer and the other was either an odour that the children had previously identified as pleasant, such as chocolate or odour previously identified as unpleasant, such as coffee, cigarette smoke or rotten food.

The researchers found while all the children chose the pleasant odours over beer, those whose mothers drink to escape were more likely to choose the unpleasant odours in preference to the smell of beer.

Via The Times of India