Robots Ensure Effective Retail Management 

 Kiva Mobile Fulfillment System (MFS)

Retail management is a critical operation. It involves effective use of human resources to provide greater customer’s satisfaction. To help retailers, Kiva Systems has developed a set of low-cost mobile robots.


Dubbed as Kiva Mobile Fulfillment System (MFS), these robots work collectively to transport goods directly to workers ensuring easy and efficient access to all inventory items round the clock. These robots are highly useful for eCommerce applications that demand single-order, accuracy and speed. Kiva’s orange robots bring items automatically to the warehouse workers. They don’t need move here and there inside the store. This robotic approach saves time and energy and increases workers’ productivity.

Kiva has developed these robots in line with WiFi technology. When the workers order for an item, the robots are informed through a Kiva server over a WiFi network. Then they take the products automatically.

US-based leading online retailer Zappos has very recently adopted Kiva Mobile Fulfillment System at one of its distribution centers for effective store management.

Via Gizmowatch