Study: Consumers Dumping Cable TV for Online Video

People who dump cable TV tend to go out and buy pink chairs

Historically, it’s been a general truth that even lower-end consumers doggedly hang on to their cable TV service in times of economic stress. Even severe economic stress. They routinely cut back on heat and food as they continue to pay for that nightly signal at the other end of their remote control. But new study findings suggest that may be changing in an era when so much video is becoming available online.

It’s given me a great deal of pleasure to gleefully abandon my cable TV service, canning Time Warner for greener pastures such as crystal-clear broadcast HDTV, Apple TV, downloads and Vudu without suffering at all. The best news is, it looks like I’m not alone, according to a study by ad agency Mediaedge:cia. “An awful lot of this small sample are pulling the plug on cable television,” says Mediaedge:cia CEO Lee Doyle.

Historically, people with low incomes hang onto cable TV even when they’re nearly broke. Not any more. The study showed that peoples’ priorities have changed with gas, Internet connections and a cellphones ahead of cable TV service in the spend-o-rama pecking order. It’s not surprising, especially since there’s such a plethora of great content available elsewhere. At the same time, cable TV looks grainy compared to the pristine, less-compressed digital broadcast HDTV signal. Save your money — dump cable!

Via Advertising Age