World’s Largest Indoor Golf Arena 

Indoor Golf Arena

If you have read your classics with diligence, you would remember the little boy who saved Holland from the sea. Sticking his tiny little finger into a hole in the dyke, he saved his countrymen from the cold ocean waters.


Being flat, Netherlands offers some of the best golf courses in the world. An initiative of Indoor Golf Project, the Indoor Golf Arena, in the Netherlands, aims to be a golf-training center par excellence. Indoor Golf Arena is to be the world’s largest, most unique and diverse indoor golf training centre, open 365 days a year and offering high quality indoor golf training facilities. It aims to instill an interest and passion among customers about golfing. Synthetic grass, 20 state-of-the-art ProTee Golf Simulators and 28 hitting bays will be employed to provide you with the best indoor golf training. The center is equipped with a kid’s training area, bar, lounge and an up market restaurant as well.

If you plan to bring your business to the golf course, they also have a conference room, meeting rooms, sky lounges, and the like. The 4-star hotel at the club makes sure neither you nor your invitees have to spend a single minute in something, which is sub standard. Now, who would have thought golf can be so cool! You will forget you ever wanted to do something else when you treat your eyes with the luscious and luxurious grass that grows on the golf course.

Chuck that football game and fly to Netherlands, and stop cribbing about Golf being a drab, pretentious game. The concept shall come into being anytime now, so get your clubs and your balls in place and book that one way ticket to Amsterdam, for you might not want to return home immediately.

Via Bornrich