Solaris Workstation For The Kitchen 

 Modern Solaris Kitchen Workstation

We have already come across some ingenious kitchen concepts, including the GE’s Concept Kitchen of the Future, Floating Kitchen Island concept, Korean Z Kitchen Island, Outpost Kitchen, MAN kitchen, and the green Aion kitchen.  Today, we have with us the Solaris Workstation from the house of Ernestomeda.


Designed by Pietro Arsio, this inviting workstation for the modern kitchen has been inspired by the desire to create a space that personifies the two main functions – preparation and consumption of food.

The lamp above the sink features an opaline glass screen, installed on a steel tubular rod that emits diffused light while the work top is made of Corian. A ceramic hob is retrofitted into the top and contains four cooking zones and a drawer unit. There is a container on 4 swivel wheels with drawer and pull-out basket. Available ins range of finishes, the Solaris Workstation is a functional eyecandy for your modern kitchen.