An Eco Umbrella



If you’ve ever been caught in a sudden and unexpected downpour (you probably weren’t wearing your weather forecasting Suunto Lumi) you’ll know that a newspaper can make for a half-decent substitute umbrella. But holding it over your head while trying to keep yourself and whatever else you’re carrying dry can be difficult.

Enter designer Shiu Yuk Yuen’s Eco Brolly concept. Essentially it’s an ultra compact collapsible umbrella frame that’s designed to use newspapers, plastic bags or anything else you can get your hands on to keep you keep dry.

Now obviously newspapers have the tendency to disintegrate when they get wet, but I don’t think the Eco Brolly is designed as a replacement to an actual umbrella. Think of it more as an emergency solution that’s small enough to carry with you on days where there’s a slight chance it could rain. I actually like the concept, particularly since you can just chuck the newspaper into a recycling bin when you get to where you’re going, instead of having to hang it somewhere to dry like with a regular umbrella.


[ Eco Brolly ] VIA [Oh!Gizmo]