The Roush Horse Trainer - For People Serious About Training Horses

 Horse training has just gone super high tech

This vehicle is used by Roush Technologies for Turkish-based Kurt Systems, to train horses so they win races. It allows trainers to be close to the animals while training them and monitoring their vital signs.

We wind up behind horse’s asses every day on the interstate, but ROUSH has developed a vehicle with a rear-mounted cabin for the express purpose of towing a crew of three around while staring at the business end of an actual Equus caballus. ROUSH Technologies is more than just mechanical Mustangs, and the company has proved it by developing an equine training vehicle for Kurt Systems, a Turkish racehorse and camel training equipment company. The vehicle has an open front stall where the animal can run, and a rear mounted cabin that allows a driver, a veterinarian and a trainer to keep a keen eye on vital signs. The suspension is partially F-150 based, while power is provided by Volvo’s 2.4-liter five-cylinder engine hooked up to an automatic transmission and driving through some reduction hardware. The vehicle will start serial production soon; in an odd sort of irony, ROUSH is even further tied to fast horses now.

Via Autoblog