Device To Help Elderly Walk 

 Walking device developed by Honda

Honda has been working on a device that helps elderly people with weak leg muscles, walk with conviction. The device just fits on your hips and thighs which help support your walking. Honda began looking into this technology way back in 1999 and have since researched it immensely and are in the feasibility stage.


After showcasing it at many different places to many different people, they are getting a wide range of feedback from their users to help make an assessment on how the device is working for them. But this device will only work for people who can still walk on their own, which narrows the use quite a bit, but is still helpful. With this device, the user’s stride will be lengthened compared to the user’s normal stride without the device and therefore the ease of walking is achieved. But there is still ways to go before this is perfected and released. But when it is released, it will be something that almost all seniors should take a look at for their own safety and help.

Via Gizmowatch