Space Saving Chair Design

Wall Chair

One piece of molded plastic and two pieces of rubber is all it takes to make the Wall Chair. The rest of the chair is formed by any wall and any floor. In other words, if the chair is standing, have a seat.


The Wall Chair is a clever, space-saving design for public places or events… those that have a lot of wall space. It’s designer, Chao Huang from Singapore, won the Vico Magistretti Prize at the 2007 International Design Competition for the chair design. Vico Magistretti was an Italian industrial designer who championed simple, elegant designs, ones that “the designer should be able to explain over the phone.”

You have to admit that the Wall Chair meets Magistretti’s definition of simple. But simple takes thought. The Wall Chair is one design I look forward to seeing in use. I wonder about the stability of the Wall Chair after repeated uses. Would the rubber or silicone require replacement. We’ll see, I hope!

Via InventorSpot