3D Hybrid Face Recognition Technology Generating Much Interest 

Fingerprint identification and retinal identification systems are quite popular among many companies. With many cases of security systems failing, facial recognition systems have generated a lot of interest.


3D Hybrid Face Recognition uses the three-dimensional geometry of the human face. Researchers at the University of Western Australia have developed a 3D face recognition technology which uses the texture and the three dimensional shape of the person’s face. The system doesn’t fail even when the pose, expression and illumination are altered. Partly visible faces, make-up laden faces, masked faces can all be recognized with high accuracy. It utilizes robust algorithms to recognize faces. The technology is being demonstrated with a database of 500 people and new 3D facial scans would be added later. Airports, high security areas, security systems, criminal identification process, forensic scientists etc can benefit from this technology. 3D Hybrid Face Recognition might just be the next big thing in identification and recognition industries.

Via Gizmowatch