India’s Demand for Power to Rise 10-Fold by 2017

 They will also need a better wiring system

India’s demand for power will soar to a whopping 3,15,000 MW by 2017, requiring an investment of $600 billion if the economy keeps its pace of growth at 8%, a McKinsey report has said.

The forecast for the next 10 years shows that demand would be at least 1,00,000 MW more than what most of the estimates have suggested so far.

Thus, the country will need a 10-fold increase in capacity addition to 4,15,000 MW, the report ‘Powering India-The Road to 2017’ said. To fulfill its power requirement of about 3,15,000 MW, an extra 1,00,000 MW is needed because of plant availability adjustments. At present, India has an installed capacity of 1,44,565 MW. The key drivers of increasing demand are growth in household consumption, electrification of rural areas, manufacturing growing faster and realization of demand suppressed due to load-shedding.

Via Times of India