Interventional Radiology Suites Of The Future 

Interventional Radiology being an advanced area of medicine and science needs equipment that can match the needs of radiologists. A superior imaging system, which provides enhanced diagnosis, treatment planning and improved therapeutic interventions is what is the most important.

 The small incisions that are required need an imaging and display system that is efficient and powerful. VizSolutions has created a flexible and scalable display environment, which has high resolutions and helps in image interpretation, analysis and understanding. An environment, which is conducive for the radiologist to study these images, is of utmost importance. Current display systems and rooms pose difficulties such as poor lighting, lack of side-by-side comparison of time-variant and 2D/3D images. The concept by Vizsolution addresses these and many other issues through a scalable projector-based system and uses custom-designed geometrical and photometrical calibration process and creates high-resolution display environment, which can reduce cognitive overload among radiologists.

Via Gizmowatch