If your 10 year old Labrador Retriever with hip dysplasia could run like a pup again, would you consider it a miracle? Or if your horse could be freed from arthritic pain without drugs and be able to race or jump again, would that be a miracle? Right now, dogs and horses with soft tissue injuries and diseases can be helped with the miracle of science, in the form of a treatment called Vet-Stem Regenerative Medicine (VSRM).

Most of us would to anything to relieve our pets from pain, and the biggest symbol of that relief would be to see them behave like colts, fillies, puppies, and kittens again. According to Vet-Stem studies and the thousands of pets the company has already helped, the VSRM approach actually seems to reverse age, at least in terms of the behavior of its patients.

VSRM uses each animal’s own stem cells to regenerate new stem cells in disease or injury-affected joints, tendons, and ligaments.

The stem cells originate from adipose (fatty) tissue drawn from the stomach or other fatty area, by the animal’s veterinarian. The fat tissue is shipped overnight to the Vet-Stem lab in Poway, California, where the lab extracts the regenerative stem cells from the fat and overnights the precious cells right back to the veterinarian in injection syringes, ready to get where they need to go — into your pet’s connective tissue. Any reserve stem cells are retained by the lab for future treatments, if necessary.

According to testimonials on the Vet-Stem website, response to VSRM is nothing short of a miracle. Here is one You-Tube video testimonial from a dog owner…. It is about 4 minutes long. You can find other video reports linked on the You-Tube page.

Via Inventorspot