Field of Bionics Growing Rapidly 

Technological developments in the field of software, communication and medicine have prompted and encouraged growth in the field of bionics.


 Prosthetic devices can now be controlled by thoughts and so can the wheelchairs and limbs. From manufacturing artificial lungs, eyes, tongues and body parts, the technology is growing rapidly with computers being included. Possibilities include inserting and implanting chips in the brain, which could possibly send, and receive messages from the artificial organ. A chip that blocks epileptic seizures, a miniature telescope to improve vision, a retinal prosthesis to restore vision, brain controlled arms and limbs, etc are part of this immense development. However, prohibitive costs and non-availability in the market has disappointed many with disabilities. A computer controlled prosthetic leg might cost more than $40,000. However, researchers feel the costs could dramatically be decreased with passage of time.

Via Gizmowatch