Stare With A Copy Of Your Own Pair

Paris design studio 5.5 Designers recently unveiled their series of household items based on your own unique body parts. My personal favorite among these oddities are the eyeball lamps, which are modeled after your very own peepers.



Other objects in the studio’s “Cloning” collection include vases, mirrors and other home accessories, all derived from your own personal body attributes. The series even goes as far as to produce wallpaper based on scans of your own skin, and carpets based on your body hair. Yuck. And what could be more lovely than a pillow based on the shape of your own beer belly?

How about a clothing valet that’s actually structured from the dimensions of your skeleton? It’s perfect for keeping your clothes ready and wrinkle-free for the next day at the office.

I suppose if you’re particularly self-absorbed, you might want to furnish your pad with this stuff. For the rest of us, just chock this up to the annals of the Hall of Bizarre Interior Design.

[Link to Generate Pipeline]

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