HUVO Electric Pod Car

 Cute electric car, tips over when making a corner

Tokyo’s recent Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo revealed a new entry into the electric vehicle category called the HUVO. Developed by Topia Corp., the one-seat concept vehicle is made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, a sturdy design for those fearful that the tiny chassis will crumple like paper in an accident.



HUVO Electric Pod Car

Smaller than the Smart Car, but probably more dangerous in high traffic areas, is Topia’s HUVO, a prototype single-seated electric vehicle. Weighing only about 330 lbs., the vehicle has a body frame of high-tensile steel plate, doors and back of aluminum alloy, a roof of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic,) and a windshield of polycarbonate. The interior and wheel covers are made with ABS resin. We are thinking that you had better get lots of insurance with the HUVO, as running into a tree or a stiff wind would probably total the mini-car.