Shocker Chair - Gauranteed To Make You Tingle 

Why would some one pay $1000 to get the most menacing jolt of his/her life? Forget paying for it, I wouldn’t sit on it even if I am offered the same or more amount! However there are some folks who seek such hair rising experiences.


 Guaranteed to make them tingle, this Shocker Chair promises to offer a real gruesome experience. Electricity has always been a powerful prankster item, ranging from the shock buzzer hand device, to the shocking pen and lighter. But nothing can compare to this Shocker electric chair with 2,000 volts that will bring your heart up to your throat. The gutsy person opting to sit this chair needs to be strapped in with leather restraints around their feet and hold onto the cold steel receptors.

Opting for the high or low voltage shock, the person will be given his share of dangerous electric excitement close to the point when smoke starts to rise from the chair. Though the site asserts that little or no risk involved, I can vouch that it isn’t for faint hearted blokes. This shocking machine is perfect for a Halloween party or simply for some individual who loves the power of electricity!