Kinda takes the emotion out of the music…

The technical and music worlds were taken by surprise when they heard about the robotic band from New Zealand a few months ago. The Trons consist of robots that are programmed to make and perform music. They were built using recycled and salvaged material. These humanoid robots are electrically powered and make use of computer parts and electronic circuits to make music.

They even play original compositions with the help of computer programming. The robots use old amps and instruments to play music and in order to appeal to concert audiences; the robots were constructed to look like humanoids. The fact that the guy who created them has used recycled materials also make The Trons ‘green’. The band consists of Ham on vox and rhythm guitar, Wiggy on a single string lead and Swamp on drums. The band gained fame thanks to netizens spreading the word around. The robotic ensemble also has performed live in many venues across New Zealand. This band could provide inspiration to many robot manufacturers to develop robots specifically for the music industry, though they may not play for an audience.

Via: HackedGadgets



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