Zing: Laser Engraving Made Easy

 This laser wants to be your friend

Deceptive boring office scanner looks aside, the Zing Laser from Epilog Laser makes laser engraving a piece of cake. Connecting to your computer just like a printer, the Zing uses Corel Draw to engrave any image on wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, cork, Corian, glass, and even treated metals with the laser. The Zing Laser has 25 watts of power; an all-metal, air-cooled laser tube, and several standard features such as Air Assist and a motorized engraving table that makes calibration a swift affair. Video after the jump.

Zing: Laser Engraving Made Easy

With features like image preview, the $7,995 Zing Laser makes modding and personalizing products are the Apple iPhone and iPod a breeze! Catch a demo of an iPhone being engraved and the laser cutting through wood below.