The Line Tracking Snail Robot 

The latest robot to hit the market is the Line Tracking Snail Robot Kit. The robot comes with a transparent body and a circular rear, which makes it look like a snail.


The robot depends on a special LED sensor, which detects a black line on a white background. The sensors can identify darker particles against a lighter background. However, the robot wouldn’t be able to move straight if it does not have a straight line to follow. Two small motors are all that it uses and the rubber tires move forward and backward and turn as well. However, the tires move at a very slow speed just as a snail would. The robot snail is constructed with transparent plastic, also known as HIPS, which allows you to observe the mechanism inside the snail robot. As it doesn’t require soldering, even young children can use them. This could have recreational as well as educational benefits. A Snail Robot Kit costs $29.95.

Via Gizmowatch