Throw Away Cell Phones 

BIC are well known for their disposable type products such as pens and razors. They are now venturing in to another arena by creating a disposable mobile phone. BIC have teamed up with Orange in France to launch the disposable phone which will come with 1 hour of free calls which can be topped up if needed by purchasing Mobicarte pre-pay airtime cards. The phone has no real advanced features and simply acts as a phone and text messaging device which can be picked up for about €49 in France when it is launched on 7th August.

Activation of the phone built by Alcatel is simple as it has the SIM card already inserted. The phone number is also provided in the box should you wish to hand it out to anyone.

One thing I hope they do get right is that if the phone is intended to be chucked away after use, that it goes to someone or some country that could benefit. For me, I would rather pay a few pounds more and get a phone I intend to keep. For some reason I just have a vision of a bathroom cabinet full of disposable orange mobile phones along size the BIC razors.


Via gadgetvenue