Wireless Spy Sunglasses 

Why do you wear these glasses? Are you spying over me or recording something that you shouldn’t? I think one should be ready to resolve such queries as the new Wireless Spy Sunglasses are sure to subject us to them.


 These WSC-827 sunglasses record everything that we see through since they’ve two in-built tiny cameras placed on the arms to keep them concealed. There are certain commendable additions made to it that make it evermore effective. First, it is wireless with a DVR and recorder range of up to 300 feet. Second, its two cameras may be switched on/off alternatively with a discreet button. And third, the glasses have built-in solar-powered charger. Still other remarkable specifications include 128 MB memory (expandable up to 2GB), 2.4 inch LCD, earphone jack, 20mW built-in speaker, and a 2.4 MHz transmitter. So, it’s all set to attract masses without even letting them know your intentions.

Via Gizmowatch