Women Shifting to Cyber Sex

Future sex may be all about getting wired up right

Sex is not just confined to the bedroom anymore, as many women have found a sex haven in the virtual world.

One in five Aussie women have admitted to having a sexual encounter in an internet chatroom, reveals a new survey. Conducted by author Joan Sauers for her new book Sex Lives of Australian Women , the survey questioned nearly 2000 women from around the country.

The survey also revealed that more than 50 per cent women in Australia had sent or received a sexual text message and one in five have starred in their own sex tape. “As a society, we increasingly rely on technology to get the job done, whatever the job is. Have Australian women joined the cyber-sexual revolution?” News.com.au quoted Joan Sauers, as writing in the book.

The results indicated that the most avid participants are women in their 20s (26 per cent) followed by those in their 50s (21 per cent). In fact, a large number of women said that they found net sex “liberating”, “exciting”, “guilt-free”, empowering and safe, ensuring that there was no chance of STDS or pregnancy. However, there were others who described the experience as “empty”, “unfulfilling”, “demeaning”, “tacky” and “pretty lame”.

But, Joan said that the number of women who had good experiences with chat room sex was twice more than those who had bad experiences. One of the aspects of cyber sex is the use of webcam, for many women use it either with their partner or with strangers. The survey also showed that young women are increasingly getting hooked to text sex using their mobile phones. While 70 per cent of women in their twenties had engaged in sexual SMS exchanges, the figure was 44 per cent for those in their forties and 34 per cent for women in their fifties.

Women Shifting to Cyber Sex

In the mean time, 22 per cent of women in their twenties and 20 per cent of women in their thirties had been filmed or taped having sex. While some enjoyed the experience, not many were thrilled on seeing the results. In fact, a lot of them said they didn’t like seeing themselves on film because they looked “fat”. “It was fine, but to tell you the truth…watching it again was hilarious…not erotic…my arse was NOT ever meant to be on a tape,” responded a 33-year-old mother from Western Australia.
Via The Times