It’s the Clothes Hanger Lamp.

Yes, you read it right. It’s a lamp that uses clothing as a lampshade. Designed by Hector Serrano for the prolific Dutch design house Droog, the Clothes Hanger Lamp leaves a laundry list of opportunities to create new looks.



One day you can hang a shirt on the Clothes Hanger Lamp, the next day a stunning linen suit or a spaghetti strap evening dress. Let your imagination run wild!

The Clothes Hanger Lamp comes with an acrylic handle, a mounting wall hook, and a 110 volt, 11-watt florescent light bulb that is CE (Consumer Electronics) certified. It does have an electrical cord, so you will have to mount the Clothes Hanger Lamp near an electrical outlet.

Light-colored clothing works best on the Clothes Hanger Lamp. It will allow maximum lighting and minimal lightening of your clothes.

Have fun with this! See it at


via Inventorspot