A Robot That Feeds Fish 

 Fifer Feeding Robot

Ran Xiangfei, a robot enthusiast has designed a robot that can feed fish. Christened ‘Fifer Feeding Robot’, it works better in a pond or a large body of water than in a fish tank as it is designed to feed a number of fish.


 Fifer emits sounds that fish get attracted to and gauges the number of fish near and releases the food accordingly. Once the feeding is over, Fifer rests till the fishermen cast their bait for the next day. The robot consists of a water jet propeller, a food delivery circle and a sound wave emitter. The fifers are also stuffed with different kinds of seeds according to the area where fish. The plant on the top symbolically grows and represents the health of your fish. So, if the fish eat a lot, the plant grows more and represents the fish’s health. It would definitely help fishermen and breeders to understand the health of their fish and also feed them on time.

Via Gizmowatch