AQUA Submersible Watercraft 

The thought of life fifty years hence sprouts the most amazing creations in the world of designing leaving us in a semi bereaved state for the fear of not existing then.


 Whilst the world continues to explore further means of survival, surviving under water could be one possible notion and that stance would see a different world altogether. And then, creations like the AQUA submersible watercraft designed by Sungchul Yang and Woonghee Han from the University of Seoul would be indispensable commuters capable of sizzling on and under the waters. This design managed to win the IDEA design award for 2008 and every inch of it stakes the honour as apt. The submersible is a one-manned watercraft developed for the times ahead. It’s dolphin like shape would make it easier to trounce the waters. The design theoretically is a consequence of apt study pertaining to buoyancy control, oxygen supply and driver protection from the unrelenting water pressure.

Via Gizmowatch