Futuristic Windshield Being Developed By GM

General Motors has been always on the cutting edge of automobile technology making sure that they enhance the driving experience for one and all.


 Now they have decided that they will extend this to the aged drivers who have often been plagued by problems of clear visibility while driving due to aging problems. General Motors Corp. researchers are working on a windshield that combines lasers, infrared sensors and a camera to take what’s happening on the road and enhance it, so aging drivers with vision problems are able to see a little more clearly.

The 65 and older population in the U.S. will nearly double in about 20 years, meaning more people will be struggling to see the road like they used to. GM’s new windshield won’t improve their vision, but it will make objects stand out that could otherwise go unnoticed by an aged eye. At the same time, the developers say the technology won’t cause drivers to plow into trees. This wonderful technology is not yet something that is in the production stage but might soon get there with some speeding up from the researchers.

The new windshield works in more than one way such as during a foggy drive, a laser projects a blue line onto the windshield that follows the edge of the road. Or if infrared sensors detect a person or animal in the driver’s path during a night drive, its outline is projected on the windshield to highlight its location. It’s possible because of a transparent coating on the windshield that lights up when struck by ultraviolet light. The technology is akin to what maybe similar to what an F-16 pilot might experience. But of course it will take some amount of time to get there for cheap!

Via Gizmowatch