If reality is truly made up of highly compressed information and/or is holographic in nature then we should be able to hack our physical world just like a large computer system.


“The Reality Hacker” site is taking all the cool new theoretical spiritual/scientific blends out of the seemingly endless discussion stage and getting down to some serious quantum action. “We have already had some wild results and a few really weird accidents with the more complex things we are working with.”

What do you get when you dive headlong into unbridled spiritual exploration guided only by computer hacking concepts, comic books, movies and theories from quantum physics? The answer: reality hacking.

Reality hacking is based on a popular theory that our physical world is actually made up of little more than highly compressed information. If this is true then our entire world is very similar to the computers we use every day. This means that reality itself can be “hacked” – broken into and manipulated – just like any other large computer system.

“It’s an outlandish idea,” says reality hacker Lisa Bruder. “And it gets even crazier when you begin to realize that you can pull material from literally any source and it can potentially work.

I actually got the idea for reality hacking from a comic book that pointed out that reality is just another operating system and that magic spells are a messy attempt at hacking it. I stopped dead in my tracks and wondered why something like that had not occurred to me before! Soon, I was figuring out ways to work the idea for real. Like information from any fictional (or non-fictional) source, it needed some serious tweaking, but dang it worked.

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