Composition on the Table 

Keeping up with our fondness for interactive tables, here’s a collection of four white tables with various special interfaces switches, dials, turn-tables and sliding boards that a player can touch. Dubbed as Composition on the Table, Toshio Iwai is the brain behind this series of art work. Intended to allow players and audiences to share the world of Mixed Reality, it innovatively blends images and sounds for uber cool interaction.


 Projectors suspended from the ceiling project computer generated images onto the tables and interfaces. This images change in real time as if they were physically attached to the interfaces when players operate them. Also sounds are produced in relation to the movement of images. Since the interfaces have close relation to the reaction of images, players can operate images and sounds in the same way when they operates ordinary interfaces and gradually feels these illusions as equivalent as the actual objects. Push, Twist, Turn and Slide are the four features that each of the table specializes in.
On the Push Table, 36 push switches are fitted into a six by six matrix on a round table. Each time the participant presses a switch, the arrow projects on it changes direction. Even the four lights moving across the table top change direction according to the switch combination pressed, and the interaction creates pulse-like music.

The square shaped Twist Table features a circle of 16 dials that can be twisted at will. At each turn of a dial, an image projected on the table top changes its angle, and the music created in conjunction with it also changes.

The Turn Table is round covered with four white platters that rotate freely-like a set of DJ’s turntables. When the participant turns one of the platters, the computer graphics and music go through variations in response to the changes in speed of rotation and direction.

Lastly the rectangular Slide Table is covered with eight white plates that can slide forward and backward. When the participant slides one of them, the combinations of images projected on it alter, and the action of the light playing in circles above it and the music change.

Simply writing about them has got me itching to play on at least one of them!